Daniel Ioannou



Start Smart


Art Direction
Brand Development
Digital & UI
Print & Publication


Launched in 2007, Start Smart is a Commonwealth Bank of Australia initiative with the goal of increasing students financial literacy. Originally focused on secondary school students, empowering them to make wise financial decisions for themselves, the program has since grown to cover all levels of education from primary through to university.

As a part of our ongoing work with CommBank we developed a fresh look-and-feel for Start Smart aligning it to the newly evolved master brand. From kids lunchboxes to teenagers smartphones, the idea, much like the program focuses on everyday items and the their associated value. Paper engineer Benja built series of objects representative of each stage of learning from primary students to teachers. Individually photographed and curated into still lives scenes these objects became the centre piece for the Start Smart’s refreshed identity.

Studio — Re Sydney
Client — Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Paper Engineer — Benja Harney