Daniel Ioannou


The Mediation Collective


Art Direction
Brand Identity
Motion Design
Print & Publication


Four mediators came to us to help them launch their new business, a collaborative mediation practice that brought experienced mediators under one roof. For Sydney, this was a first.

In a sea of sameness, we saw an opportunity to stand out. An opportunity to create a brand that could reassure people without using stock imagery of smiling children and couples holding hands. And most importantly, an opportunity to tap into the ethos that connected the four women who were leading a new, collaborative approach to mediation.

‘The philosopher’s desk’ became our brand idea, informing everything from illustration, to colour, to the way we speak. The concept allowed us to hero the knowledge and professionalism of the mediators, while providing calm reassurance to their clients in times of crisis.

Studio — Re Sydney
Client — The Mediation Collective

Designer — Emily Sneddon
Designer — James Marquet
Writer — Amy Scott
Illustrator — Petra Eriksson
Photographer — Nick Lawrence